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ANALISIS Jilid 1. Bil . 2. Disember 1986

Comparing Means of Two Non-Homogeneous Normal Populations
Mohd. Nawi Abd - Rahman
School of Management and Accountancy, UUM
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The researchers often avoid the maximum likehood (M.L) procedure that is known to have a number of desirable properties, because the solutions are complicated. However, it can be attractive to many if some efficient algorithm is available. This paper intends to give an alternative approach for testing the means of two normal populations having unequal variances but whose coefficient of variations are homogeneous. The M.L. method is appropriate. The statistic is a function of the three M.L. estimates. A simple algorithm which can be implemented on a microcomputer is proposed for calculating the required values. The statistic is shown to be a one-degree chi-square variable. An application on the proposed technique using an experimental data is given.

The Buffer-Stock Money Model
Abdul Rahim Anuar
School of Economics & Public Administration, UUM
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The purpose of this paper is to investigate empirically the importance of the unanticipated and anticipated money supply variable in the demand for money function for the Malaysian economy over the period 1965-1984. The specifications of the demand for money function were based on the Carr-Darby's model. The evidence indicates that the unanticipated money supply significantly affects the demand for real balances, while the anticipated money supply turns out to be insignificant.

New Paradigms in Business Research
Md. Zabid Abdul Rashid
Faculty Economics and Management, UPM
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This paper examined the nature of research business management, the problems in defining research in business, the clues form existing theory of research, and proposed a framework for defining research in business. The nature of research in business covers a wide scope, and is interrelated to sociology, psychology, political science, mathemathics, economics and other sciences. The problems in defining research in business relates to basic versus applied research, the field of study, the place to study, the method, theories and concepts, and the levels of research quantitative versus qualitative research. From the existing theory of research, the author proposed that research in business may be redefined on the basis of three dimensions: the field of study, the methodology, and the theories and concepts. Eight typologies of research and advanced: case study, pure research, transfer, instrumental research, theoretical research, theoretical transfer research, instrumental transfer research, and theoretical instrumental research. Implications of the proposed model are presented.

Impak Pembangunan ke atas Ekonomi Negeri Terengganu - Suatu Nota
Pa Ismail
Sekolah Pengurusan dan Perakaunan, UUM
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Kertas ini bertujuan untuk membuat sedikit analisis tentang kesan pembangunan ekonomi ke atas rakyat negeri Terengganu dari segi pendapatan, kos hidup dan peluang pekerjaan. Adalah didapati bahawa pembangunan yang terlalu cepat boleh mengakibatkan kesan-kesan yang negatif, terutama sekali dari segi kualiti kehidupan. Kertas ini mencadangkan supaya rancangan pembangunan dapat disesuaikan dengan jenis penawaran buruh setempat dan juga pembangunan itu sendiri diusahakan secara berperingkat.

Some Issues in Malaysia Agricultural Development Strategies
Nasaruddin Arshad
Bureau of Research and Consultancy, UUM
Zulkifly Hj. Mustapha
Faculty of Development Science, UKM
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Emphasis is often placed on agricultural development as a vital component of the Malaysian economic strategies. The outcomes of this policy, without the risk of over emphasised, have been encouraging in terms of agricultural contribution to the gross national product, foreign exchange earnings, and national employment. Agricultural development also increases income of the rural poor significantly. Despite this, the success of agricultural development strategy is not without shortcomings, at least in terms of conflicts arised from multiobjectives of the development policy. This article goes some way towards, identifying some of the conflicts arised from the previous and present agricultural development strategies. Based on these conflicts, it discusses general areas that should be pursued to successfully implement the agricultural development strategies.

Strategic Planning Model for a Medium-Sized Business
Haji Ibrahim Haji Abdul Hamid
School of Management and Accountancy, UUM
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This paper proposes to establish a strategic planning model through a seven steps process designed to facilitate the formation, implementation and evaluation of strategies necessary for survival. It is not an attempt at discuss exhaustively each step in the process but to establish a planning framework only.

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